18 October 2017

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Matt and Jenn from Canada, Matt is 100% Canadian, Jenn is indeed from China.

The ceremony took place at the Meadow Muse Pavilion in Calgary.

If you ever have the chance to travel there, please do pay a visit as the place itself is stunning .

This charming, elegant space, located in the heart of Fish Creek Provincial Park, greets the guests with a beautiful blank slate for decorating, complete with hardwood floors and pleasant lighting. The walls are retractable to let in the sunshine on those breathtaking Fish Creek summer days. The transition of space between your event and the surrounding park will become seamless.

The grounds surrounding Meadow Muse Pavilion are peaceful and inspirational. The Artisan Gardens feature First Nations art, colourful blooms, manicured lawns and rustic benches. The patio deck frames a gorgeous view of the meadows and the surrounding park offers a perfect backdrop for a memorable Wedding event.

A true Must See location indeed as it’s served right to a wonderful wedding . A mixture of Cultures .

The ceremony itself started with an antique pure Chinese tradition: The Tea Ceremony and here some very interesting fact about this ancient tradition on which I’m sure it will fascinate you as much as it did for us.

In a traditional Chinese wedding, the tea ceremony is one of the most significant events. It includes very formal introductions of the bride and groom and shows respect to their families. The earliest written record of tea ceremonies emerged during the Tang Dynasty over 1200 years ago. It was initially called cha dao (茶道)or the way of tea. Some Japanese monks travelled to China and brought it back to Japan. Influenced by Japanese culture, the tea ceremony became more grave and formal.

In the very first documented versions of such ceremony, the couple would serve tea to the groom’s family after exchanging vows. Then bride would have served tea privately to her own family that morning. However, such practice is rare today, and is only applied by very conservative families.

Today, many couples choose to show respect to both the bride and groom’s families by hosting tea ceremonies for both sides.

The whole ceremony was based on a “ friendship” theme for family and friends so Jenn sister designed some great water coloured invitations with custom calligraphy

The hanging paper cranes at the reception , represented Japan.

Oh yes please allow me to tell you something about this.

Matt and Jenn have spent a year in Japan but separately so the cranes was representing that period .

And on this note … DID YOU KNOW that an ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the gods?

Jenn dress was made by the Bridal Boutique and in specific by the talented Martina Liana in Calgary .

Their Calgary boutique is a chic + intimate dress boutique nestled in the heart of Britannia,

While her shoes came from Vince Camuto

Matt the Groom , was entirely dressed by Curtis Eliot an international custom made menswear company. They happily give to the groom   the opportunity to experience an old-fashioned tailor service with a modern twist while the dog bandana … (yes the Dog was the carrier of the rings and how cool was that eh ? 😉 was provided by the Woof Gang Shop .

It was funny and very romantic at the same time when Matt rudely interrupted Jenn from her photo session , sat in front of her , embraced a guitar and sang a Chinese Love Song …. in Chinese 🙂

It’s really amazing when 2 different cultures get together and a Wedding with 2 people from different traditions can only create magic

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